• Reiki


    What is Reiki?

    Reiki, translated as universal life energy, is a form of energy healing discovered in Japan in the late 1800s. It provides stress reduction and relaxation while clearing energy blockages that can be held out in the aura or in the body. Reiki clears negative, stagnant energy returning the flow to its natural state allowing the mind, body, and spirit to heal itself as designed.

    What can one expect during a Reiki session?

    During a Reiki healing session, the recipient is fully-clothed and lying on a table. Reiki energy, once activated, flows through the practitioner’s hands and to the recipient. Hands can be held out in the aura as well as placed lightly on the body. This is often done in a space with soft lighting and music providing a relaxing environment. The hands are often held in one spot for several minutes until the flow of energy shifts and the practitioner will then move to another location. Each session is unique and experiences range from peaceful relaxation to feeling warmth, energy movement and release, tingling or pulsing energy, images, sleep, and more.

    What are the benefits of Reiki?

    Benefits of Reiki energy healing are vast. In addition to supporting the physical body, Reiki can promote a positive mind. It can aid the body in releasing stress and tension along with relieving pain and supporting physical healing. Unconscious patterns of self-defeating patterns can dissolve with cumulative sessions bringing inner peace and harmony. Reiki helps to quiet the mind and improve focus and clarity along with balancing emotions. It can help to improve sleep and overall health including relief during times of emotional stress. Reiki is an excellent therapy used in compliment with traditional medicines and is practiced in more and more healthcare settings, hospitals, and places of employment every year.

    Types of Sessions Offered:

    At Willow Holistic Center, LLC, Reiki is offered in 50 healing sessions or as an add on to psychotherapy or hypnotherapy for 30 minutes. Distance sessions are also offered so that you can receive the powerful healing benefits of Reiki while adhering to physical distancing or simply want to be in the comfort of your own bed. This is done by taking a few moments to discuss your intention for the session before relaxing at home. At that time distance Reiki will be sent as you receive the energy as powerfully, if not more so, as you would in the office.

    Reiki circles are scheduled monthly for people trained in Reiki as well as those who are not trained. These circles provide an opportunity to connect with others while learning about and experiencing Reiki energy. Reiki training is also offered at various levels.