• Mindful Mondays | Reparenting: The Inner Critic

    Mindful Mondays | Reparenting: The Inner Critic

    Reparenting is an empowering process that involves taking responsibility for meeting your own needs, especially those unmet during childhood. It’s about delving deeply into self-awareness, identifying your true desires and necessities, and prioritizing your well-being. Rather than waiting for someone else to care for you in the way you need, you learn to nurture yourself. Everyone has an inner critic—some more persistent and louder than others. For some, it becomes like the white noise of a sound machine, fading into the background. That’s how mine was when I first became aware of my relationship with myself. My inner dialogue was a battleground of harsh criticism. Over time, I learned to be mindful of this part of myself, making it feel seen, heard, and understood. Once my inner critic trusted that I would show up and listen, it softened its hard edges. It no longer had to scream and cry for my attention. Don’t get me wrong, there are still times when it needs to shout, but now it doesn’t have to shout very loudly as it is no longer the white noise in the background. In this episode, learn how the inner critic works to protect us and why it is important to honor this part of ourselves. Discover how facing this part of ourselves, instead of suppressing and denying it, can lead to opportunities for growth and self-discovery.