• Therapy for Anxious Adults Struggling with Self-Esteem, Perfectionism, and Relationships

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    Do you struggle in the relationships in your life?

    Does the perfectionism & desire to please everyone else leave you exhausted & burnt out?

    Are you walking through life going through the motions without any fulfillment?

    Despite your best efforts, does the constant noise in your mind lead to fear, doubt, & worry?

    Do you find yourself to be overly self-critical?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have come to the right place.

    And I know this is hard. You’ve likely been searching for solutions & relief for months, if not years. You don’t need to walk this path alone.

    “Loving ourselves through the process of owning our story is the bravest thing we will ever do.” – Brene Brown

    There is a better way. At Willow Holistic Center we will work together to identify what is getting in the way and correct the patterns keeping you stuck. You will be able to find the healing necessary to embrace yourself & find fulfillment in life.


    Carrie has been amazing. Through Reiki she has helped me heal and focus my life toward fulfillment of my goals. She has taught me that energy is all around us and that it can be channeled to affect your personal happiness and wellbeing. There is no one else that I would trust to help guide me on this path than Carrie. I highly recommend her services to help you find the clarity that you are striving for.
    Carrie is wonderful. I appreciate her warmth and humor, and her holistic approach to healing and growth.
    I highly recommend Carrie and Willow Holistic Center… I had been dealing with shoulder pain for several months (and sometimes quite painful), and no matter what I did, it would not go away. I decided to give Reiki a shot. I had two sessions with Carrie and OH MY GOD!! The pain started to subside and go away after session 1, and after session 2, the pain was even less. In addition, the days following both sessions, I found my energy levels to be higher than normal, and I found peace and quiet with some of the concerns I had going on in life - I found a hidden strength to deal with these concerns. I was not expecting anything other than helping with the pain in my shoulder. I am going to continue working with Carrie and her Reiki sessions.
    My life the last couple of years has been filled with anxiety due to circumstances out of my control. I needed to understand why this was happening and to take control of my life. Carrie took me through a thought process to help me see that what I needed which was self-care! I was too busy taking care of everyone over the years and forgot about myself. I guess I needed to see that and to have permission to take care of myself. Carrie helped me see this and gently guided me in achieving a goal of self-care. I have moved forward and am truly enjoying myself and my life by getting involved in activities that I love and had put aside.
    Carrie is the first therapist that help me to overcome a lifetime of pain and suffering. For the first time in many years I feel like my self again! … Carrie had me do several projects, taught me coping techniques, and was able to help me begin to reset the way I think about myself and deal with others. I am no longer taking medicine and I finally feel like my old self again.
    I started meeting with Carrie virtually over 2 months ago. It was my first time ever speaking to a therapist so I felt unsure of how to proceed. Carrie’s therapeutic experience and tender demeanor immediately stood out to me. I’ve always felt comfortable speaking with her about anything and everything that is on my mind. Carrie has so many different analogies and expressions for better understanding yourself and others and I always leave my sessions feeling wiser and at-ease. I say this not for rhetorical purposes but with complete sincerity that I feel significantly more confident, happy, and empowered with my life since speaking with Carrie on a weekly basis.

    How Therapy Can Help

    When you are ready to commit yourself to the challenge of honest discovery and self-expression, change happens. The therapeutic relationship is an interactive process that allows us to go deep within to find healing and discover your authentic self. You will develop skills to cope with life’s challenges in new ways, ways that promote freedom and compassion.


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    While I wanted to become a therapist since my adolescent years, I took the scenic route to get here and fell into administrative work. I found this work unfulfilling and in 2003, I made a drastic change. I became a rape crisis counselor and a juvenile court victim advocate where I provided crisis response and supportive counseling. After two years, this experience confirmed my intuition that this was my path. I returned to school and earned my Master’s degree at Bryn Mawr School of Social Work in 2008 becoming a therapist in the Philadelphia area and fulfilling my dreams of what I wanted to be ‘when I grew up.’

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